Babbitt International, Inc. -

Point & Continuous Level Technology

Point level R/F probes for liquids and dry solids

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Pulse Radar Level Transmitters

Dust Collector/Bag House broken bag alarms

Dust Emission Monitors

Liquid Level Gages



K-Patents Process Instruments -

In-Line Industrial Process Refractometers

For liquid measurement of concentration, liquid density, refractive index (nD) and BRIX

Industries served include: Sugar & Sweeteners, Food & Beverage, Chemical & Allied, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor & Solar, Pulp & Paper



Laser Technology, Inc. -

Pulsed-Laser Technology

Universal Laser Sensor ~ Applications include: Level Monitoring, Positioning, Scanning, Collision Avoidance, Intrusion/Proximity Detection, Speed Detection




Sierra Instruments, Inc. -

Flow Meters for Gases, Liquids, Steam

Digital Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Industrial Flow & Level Switches

Volumetric Vortex Flow, Multiparameter Mass Flow Meters

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration Systems

Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters




Turbines, Inc. -

Turbine Meters and Flow Monitors

Liquids and Gases

High Accuracy, High Pressure

Industries served: Cryogenic, Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Power, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical